Employee Engagement Software to Boost Productivity

How does ENME work?


Pulse surveys

Learn everything about Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, Loyalty and Culture at your company by asking your team five anonymous questions per week.

ENME measures 20 key drivers of Employee Engagement. Our Employee Engagement software’s proprietary question database is backed by decades of research and has been validated by leading industry professionals and academics.

Every manager or team leader is granted access to a personalized results dashboard.

Whether they choose to see the executive summary or to dive into detailed engagement analysis, managers are empowered to have a hands on approach to managing engagement at their team.

Real-time dashboard

Benchmarking results and heatmaps

Understanding the engagement landscape of your organization has never been easier!

With ENME heatmap, you can easily compare the results of different structural units and teams. Find your star managers and promote internal experience exchange.

Once the key engagement data has arrived, be prepared to discover more.

Gain deeper insights by asking focused follow up questions to the concerned teams. Gather qualitative feedback and actionable ideas directly from your people.

Your team will tell you exactly what needs to be done in order to improve team satisfaction, engagement, culture and loyalty.

Deeper insights

Action planning

ENME’s staff engagement software will guide you step by step from onboarding and understanding the first results to team communication and action.

In your dashboard you will find simple tips and tricks to improve engagement of your team. ENME training materials will be a good source for deeper reading into the relevant areas.

Remain focused and see your scores go up.

All features

Real-time results dashboard

Have all the important information ready right when you need it.  See how engagement across your organisation is improving over time.

Personalised insights

All managers have direct access to their very own dashboard, where they get actionable insights about their team. Managers are empowered to drive change and improve productivity.

Flexible Pulse

ENME gives you the flexibility to run surveys on weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis.  Your survey – your choice.

Advanced segmentation 

Create unlimited teams and hierarchy structures with ease. Filter results accordingly.

Engaging design 

All surveys are illustrated and unique - every survey is an adventure. 

Total anonymity 

ENME secures anonymity of all survey participants, ensuring unbiased and truthful results. 

Proprietary database 

Our proprietary question database is backed by decades of research, and has been validated by the leading authors and academics.

Monthly reports

Managers receive a PDF report monthly straight to their inbox with recent results and dynamics.

Management training materials 

ENME blog contains free management training guides that will assist in improving leadership skills, while saving thousands on coaching. 

Multiple languages supported 

Local language is key to ensuring access to all employees. ENME surveys are available in English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian languages.

Dual benchmarking system 

Find out how your scores compare with your competitors or between teams of your organisation.

Manager guidance 

ENME highlights the most important issues and guides managers towards improvement. 


Our team of experts is ready to support you every step of the way.

Custom surveys 

Create your own surveys and ask your team anything, anytime - anonymously.

Open feedback

Managers can ask employees open questions to empower them to lead with solutions. They give feedback about what's working and what could be improved, offering their own ideas and suggestions.

employee engagement software

The survey is completely automated, and it takes around 30 seconds to complete.

Sit back and let the engagement data roll in.

To put the results in perspective, ENME’s employee engagement software benchmarks each manager’s results against the overall company results and the results of competitors. Know where the key strengths lie, and what areas of leadership could be improved.

Understand engagement trends and the impact of your people policies and initiatives. ENME analysis tools help to pinpoint strengths and opportunities to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, loyalty and company culture.

See how your results compare to competitors using industry benchmarks.

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Employee Engagement Software to Boost Productivity

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Employee Engagement Software to Boost Productivity